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Why Should You Do ABC College’s Graphic & Web Design Diploma Program?

July 17,2023

Graphic & Web Design Diploma

Graphics and web designing is a ubiquitous service that every business needs nowadays. From sketching a logo to creating a brochure to designing a website to social media marketing, every process requires graphic designing. Some businesses use the service only once creating a logo, a product catalogue or a website, and there are other businesses that require it only a daily basis for promoting dynamic products and services, especially on their social media. Graphic designers are often an important part of dedicated marketing teams in companies.

Thus, there are plenty of jobs available across all industries for graphic and web designers, and they will only grow as more and more businesses recognize the needs for ramping up their digital marketing efforts to sustain in ever changing markets. ABC’s Graphic and Web Designing Diploma will help students to become prepared to grab these jobs. This diploma program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.


The following are the aspects of the Graphic and Web Design that students will learn about when they enrol for ABC’s diploma program

1. The responsibilities and duties involved in creating visually rich design that communicates the message of the client to their target audience.
2. Using current industry standard applications for graphic and web design such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Dreamweaver.
3. Planning and creating realistic or representational sketches and illustrations, by hand or using computer-assisted design (CAD) software, for materials such as banners, flyers, brochures, labels, packaging, merchandise, websites, social media, etc.
4. Developing storyboards for electronic productions such as multimedia, interactive and digital products, television advertising, web advertising, etc.
5. Consulting with clients to establish the overall tone, graphic elements and content of communications materials in order to meet their needs.
6. Determining the medium best suited to produce the intended visual effect and the most appropriate mode for communication.
7. Developing graphic elements that are aesthetically appealing and meet the clients’ objectives.
8. Preparing sketches, layouts and graphic elements of the subjects using multimedia and image processing, layout and design software.
9. Calculating the cost of materials and time to complete graphic design.
10. Making photo and illustration banks and typography guides to establish consistency across recurring designs.
11. Establishing guidelines for new illustrators or photographers.
12. Working in multidisciplinary environments.
13. Supervising other graphic designers or graphic arts technicians.

Students that have a Graphic and Web Design Diploma are likely to be hired as Advertising designers, cartoonists, commercial artists, graphic designers and artists, medical illustrators, multimedia illustrators, layout designers, scientific illustrators and web designers by companies with in-house marketing departments, creative agencies, advertising agencies and design companies. Students with this diploma can also be self-employed or work as freelancers.

Interested in ABC’s Graphic and Web Design Diploma Program for starting a Second Career? You can get a government grant of upto $28,000 to help you financially while you study. To apply to this program or know more about it, send us a message on or call us on +1416-510-2739, or write to us at To find out about other programs offered by ABC, click here

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