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ABC Access Business College – By far the best college I have ever attended

I came to ABC Access Business College College as a mature student through the Ontario Second Career Program. I was warmly greeted and accepted into the Property Administrator Diploma Program with consideration given to my age, my previous work and education experience which were all qualifying factors taken into consideration for the admission process into this 10 month accelerated program which enabled me to complete my Diploma program as quickly as possible.

ABC Access Business College has been by far the best College experience I have had. By comparison to other large, impersonal campuses, the ones where 500 students are packed into a single lecture hall, ABC Access Business College has an opposite intimacy where the instructors ask what’s going on in your life, where you get to know your classmates on a personal level and where everyone shares stories and experiences either similar or different to yours. In short at larger schools you’re a number…here however you are a name that matters.

ABC Access Business College is a learning community rather than an isolated learning experience

ABC Access Business College creates a collaborative and engaging learning experience, which makes the journey to graduation. Teamwork here at ABC Access Business College forms an integral part of the learning process easier than most. I have previously attempted to study online but now recognize and appreciate the difference between online learning and in-class learning. Although online learning can be a very isolating experience, being at ABC Access Business College on a daily basis creates a very noticeable connection between students and amongst students and staff that creates a powerful connection between everyone involved…staff and students alike here at ABC Access Business College. It is very evident that the school encourages all students to develop a supportive network amongst themselves that continues throughout the entire learning experience.

The programs are intense but fantastic

Today having a Degree or Diploma is a necessary requirement for almost any job. The accelerated 10 Month Property Administrator Program here at ABC Access Business College fits my learning needs as in this point in my life I could not return to school for the standard 2 to 4 years most Colleges and Universities require you to enroll in. As well it was great to see that my life and work experiences made me a good candidate for this program. Unlike other Community Colleges where academic credits can be the sole basis for program acceptance, ABC Access Business College flexible admission process considers students unique skill sets and previous achievements as qualifying and even lending factors. This very unique model, valuing non-academic experiences and strengths, is a huge advantage, especially for mature students like myself.

The Property Administrator Program is intense, but fantastic and very rewarding. Each day students of all ages and backgrounds come together in classrooms and Computer Labs and I find students are learning as much from the coursework and lessons as we are from other classmates and their life experiences. At ABC Access Business College it becomes immediately obvious that the Instructors are extremely passionate about what they teach by the amount of time and energy they devote to students. In fact, you could say that everyone…all staff at Access are there to lend support towards your educational journey and set goals.

One of the biggest impacts of my ABC Access Business College experience was the increased confidence I now have in myself and what I see in other students and graduating students. I noticed I starting gaining more confidence early in my Access College education, and this boost of confidence came from sticking with the program, being successful in my modules and discovering that with hard work and dedication to the program that “I could do this”!!

The ABC Access Business College environment is truly extraordinary

Everyone at ABC Access Business College have gone out of their way to make my learning experience and education very pleasant, and because of this allows me and all students to fully concentrate on the task at hand….which is Learning!!

Thank you ABC Access Business College for allowing me the opportunity to open doors and move forward with my life.

Howard B
Student – ABC Access Business College

ABC Access Business College Helps students like Oleg

Extract from LEARNING CURVES, Winter 2015 Edition

ABC Access Business College held its graduation celebration on November 14th and as usual I was warmed by the family feeling generated by Sonia among the teachers, staff and students and among the students themselves, those who were graduating and those who were doing their courses.

ABC Access Business College is a career college, a sector of adult education that offers students the benefits of small class sizes, and therefore individual attention to your learning needs and close learning relationships with your fellow students. They also work too hard to help you find work after your courses as your success ensures theirs.

At this graduation I meet Oleg, who had chosen to add Web Design skills to his skills and, as he told me, he chose to do so at a career college where he would get lots of individual help. Oleg’s instructors and Oleg were clearly enjoying their reunion. Oleg was clearly a favourite with his fellow graduating students, and current students. I could see why his engaging personality would keep everyone’s spirits up as they tackled their course work and planned their job searches.

Students were graduating from courses in Banking and Financial Services, which helped them to prepare for the licensing exams for the Canadian Securities Course and the Canadian Investment Funds course. The high marks received on these external examinations attested to the personalized help students had received in improving their understanding of these fields.

Web Design, Banking and Financial Services are only two of the programs that Access offers which are very relevant in today’s labour market. Property Administration is another—think of all those condos, rentals, government buildings, shopping malls! Property administration is o ranked top of the Second Career Indicator.

If you are worried about the cost of going back to school, Sonia of ABC Access Business College works to understand your personal circumstances in order to identify funding sources that could support your education, Second Career, WSIB, OSDP, and others. For the new year, make it a resolution to go back to school to get a better job.

ABC Access Business College. 416-510-2739

ABC Access Business College Takes the Success of its Graduates to Heart!

Choosing the right business college takes time. On top of researching the courses of study, the experience of faculty and the number of graduates who obtain work after graduation, students should also consider the college’s commitment to foster a mutually supportive milieu.

ABC Access Business College takes that commitment to heart. Director Sonia Nerses has worked in the college sector for 32 years. She knows how alienating it can be when you suddenly lose a job or undergo a change in personal circumstances. For Ms. Nerses, students are more than numbers. They are human beings with unique talents who with hard work and personal support will find fulfillment in the workplace.

ABC Access Business College Director Sonia Nerses with a group of students and graduates

Many of the students at ABC Access Business College come to the school via the Ontario Government’s Second Career program. Having experienced the harsh realities of starting over, they are encouraged by Nerses, her staff and fellow students to persevere. “Nothing comes easy, nothing comes free” Nerses counsels her students, but with discipline, a strong survival instinct and the support of a community of friends, she assures them that their efforts will pay off.

A case in point: Steven, a former Access student, lost his job working for the McGuinty Government. About the same time, another student, Aziz, serendipitously saw an advertisement for ABC Access Business College. Both enrolled in Access’ Property Administration program on the same day. They became good friends. When Steven was offered a full-time job soon after he graduated, he grabbed it. Then, when a second, more suitable position was offered, Steven recommended his friend Aziz for the job he was leaving. His employer was delighted.

Another case in point: At a graduation ceremony that took place at Access on May 23rd, I had the pleasure of meeting new graduates, Carlo and Erica. Laid off after 30 years of working in the trades, Carlo had had virtually no computer experience. He balked at the idea of having to sit at a desk all day. But Nerses persisted. She knew that the opportunity to enroll in the Second Career Property Administrators’ program was too good for Carlo to pass up. As luck would have it, Erica, a fellow Access student enrolled in Business Administration, who just happens to be computer savvy, sat beside Carlo in computer class. Erica, Carlo gratefully admits, became a ‘second teacher.’ Now that they have graduated, Carlo and Erica will go their separate ways but they remain fortified by the collegial atmosphere that flourishes at Access.

Fellow graduates Erica and Carlo

Like most graduation ceremonies, Access graduations celebrate their laureates for their academic success. But they also recognize their unique contributions as people, as future employees and as citizens of a world where human connection matters.

Many thanks to the newest cohort of Access graduates: Anthony, Carlo, Erica, Marie, Onur and Serghei.

Shelleagh’s Story!

Attending graduations at ABC Access Business College over the past year or more, I had the privilege of meeting a student named Shelleagh.. I noticed how often she was there helping to set up the room for the festivities and how friendly and supportive she was with the other students. Through our conversations I also discovered a connection in our family backgrounds. Shelleagh is a recent newcomer from Ireland, the birthplace of my great-grandparents who immigrated to Canada many years ago.

I learned too, that Shelleagh had gone back to school at a very challenging period in her life. She had had to give up a job she enjoyed due to heath issues and her parents were also unwell. She wondered whether she would ever be able to cope.

A crisis such as the one Shelleagh faced, is often the motivating force that impels adults to sign up for a course. ABC Access Business College, a registered private career college, listed on the website of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, offers just the hopeful new direction that many seek. Its small classes (10-12 students per class), provide students with the gift of their teachers’ individual attention. Likewise, the intimacy of the classes at Access promotes an inclusive and supportive community amongst the students. Not only do the students learn from each other, they become friends.

Enrolling in Web/Design Graphic Design Program at Access, Shelleagh discovered a perfect fit between her lifelong love of nature and design and a new career path. Her confidence “soared,” she writes, after receiving positive feedback from her teacher or when other students asked for her advice.

Everyone in her family loved seeing her creative work too. In some very crucial ways, Shelleagh thinks that her work “became a great tool to help everyone temporarily forget that we faced trying times to come.”

In a thank you letter addressed to the administrative team and teachers at Access, Shelleagh notes that all of us will face challenges in our lives. It is “how we handle them” she observes ” that affects our personal growth, shapes our future, and inspires those around us”. She thanks Sonia, the manager of ABC Access Business College, Peter and Isaac, her teachers, Margarita, the receptionist (and a former Access student) and Berj, Sonia’s assistant, for always making her feel “calm, welcomed and encouraged”.

A new chapter has opened up for Shelleagh. She is now working for Tourcan Vacations, a position she feels will give her a professional platform for the development of her new skills.

At Access, Shelleagh’s experience confirms, there are no barriers. “If you ask for guidance, you will gain the support you need to seek alternative ways to accomplish your goals”.

Thank you, Shelleagh. You have inspired those who have come to know you.

All the best.


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