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Our Policies

The professionals at ABC Access Business College are committed to providing a safe, caring and inclusive learning and working environment by promoting respect, responsible citizenship and academic excellence. A positive school climate exists when all members of the school community feel safe, comfortable and accepted. Our Code of Conduct applies to all members of the school community, including students, parents and guardians, school staff, volunteers and visitors.

We are vitally interested in the health and safety of our environment. Protection of people from injury or occupational disease is a major continuing objective. We make every effort to follow strictly our Occupational Health and Safety Policy in order to provide a safe, healthy work environment for everybody.

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We also value respect for all individuals, civility, diversity, dignity, equality and freedom. Through our Sexual Violence and Harassment Policy we are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe learning, living, social, recreational and working environment. We are committed to maintaining a campus free of discrimination and harassment, and strive to foster an atmosphere of healthy attitudes and behaviours towards sexuality, sex and gender roles. We do not tolerate behaviour that contributes to a hostile and inequitable learning and working environment. We take seriously our commitment to supporting those who experience sexual violence, and we work diligently on campus and with community partners on programs, policies and resources to ensure that our campus remains free from sexual violence

If you feel that you have been sexually harassed or discriminated against, please report to our Human Resources Department by submitting the form below. Our Human Resources Manager will take appropriate action and will ensure to safeguard any information gathered.