ABC Access Business College helps graduates in exploring their career opportunities by:

-Self assessment and skills identification

-Labour market overview

-Practicing interviewing skills

-Professional Resumes and Cover Letters

Steps for a Successful Career Search

  • Identify present and future goals and the differences between jobs and careers
  • Discuss the importance of an enthusiastic, self-confident manner
  • Identify and discuss skills, area of knowledge and abilities and preferences
  • Discuss the transferable skills stressing the importance of technical and soft skills
  • Identify and discuss work related characteristics and personal characteristics
  • Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and identify suitable ways to maintain professional competence

Career Search Management

  • Discuss the importance of obtaining employer profiles
  • Identify ways and stress the importance of focusing on the right career
  • Explain how to tap into the hidden job market
  • Discuss the importance and use of networking and marketing
  • Outline and discuss employer expectations

Resume Writing

  • Discuss the different resume types (chronological and functional)
  • Discuss how to market oneself
  • Discuss how to send resumes on the internet including e-mail, scanning and sending attachments
  • Discuss writing the resume – checklist and set-up; objective, education, experience and overall appearance
  • Outline the steps involved in creating effective letters and discuss the content and set-up of cover and thank you letters

The Interview

  • Outline and discuss the stages of an interview including preparation, opening, marketing, investigating, hanQdling objections, closing and follow up
  • Identify and discuss various types of interviews
  • Identify and discuss typical interview questions
  • Outline and discuss questions to ask a prospective employer
  • Conduct mock interviews and provide feedback