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Refund Policy


Summary of Refund Policy

Note that non-attendance in the training program does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Example: If a student pays $6,000 for a 6-month course and withdraws at the end of the 2nd month, they will receive a refund of ($6,000 – $500 – $2,000 =) $3,500

In addition, ABC Access Business is committed to full compliance with the Ontario career college refund requirements as set out by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities under Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005. Fee Refund Policy as Prescribed under s. 25 to 33 of O.Reg. 415/06

The Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005 governs ABC Access Business College for the purpose of tuition fee retention. Tuition fees are tax deductible, and tuition receipts will be issued for each taxation year (T2202A).