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A Brief Overview of the Diploma Courses at Access Business College

A Brief Overview of the Diploma Courses at
Access Business College (ABC)
Access Business College (ABC) is a private college in Toronto focused on providing quality
education and training to students who want to embark on a second career. ABC’s courses
are designed to ensure that students, who haven’t studied beyond high school, are able to
get trained in skills that can help them gain employment in high demand industries. These
courses are administered by educated and trained teachers with adequate experience.
Here is a brief overview of the courses offered by ABC –

Property Administrator Diploma Program – This diploma program is for those who are
interested in managing and renting out properties on the behalf of property owners.
Students who do this course get employed by property and real estate management
companies, property development companies and government. Some of the jobs that
they become eligible for with this course are accommodation officers, apartment
rental agents, leasing coordinators and housing project managers.
Hospitality Management Diploma Program – The hospitality sector is down right now
owing to the pandemic, but it is otherwise a very exciting sector. Students who do
this course get trained in planning, organizing and managing events such as
conferences, trade fairs, festivals, exhibitions, meetings, seminars and conventions.
They get employed by tourism and trade associations, convention and conference
centres, event management companies and governments.
Graphic and Web Design Program – This course trains students in understanding
visual communication and creating visually rich designs that communicate the given
messages clearly and effectively. Students are trained in using current industry
standard applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe
Dreamweaver and Adobe InDesign. Students can make a career as Graphic
Designers, Web Designers, Advertisements Designers, etc. and get employed by all
kinds of companies and organisations.
Food and Beverage Diploma Program – Students who are interested in making food
and beverages and serving can choose this diploma course. With this course,
students can become banquet servers, waiters and waitresses, wine stewards,
cocktail waiters and waitresses and gain employment at restaurants, hotels, bars,
taverns, private clubs, banquet halls, party places and similar establishments.
Customer Service Diploma Program – This course enables students to get trained in
various aspects of customer service such as answering queries and providing
information about an establishment’s goods, services and policies, resolving issues
and complaints, processing payments etc. After this course, students can gain
employment as accounts information clerk, call centre executives, complaints clerk,
counter inquiries clerk, etc. at retail establishments, call centres and other private and
public organisations.
Computerized Accounting and Canadian Payroll Diploma Program – With this course,
students can become accounting professionals who are adept at using industry-
standard accounting applications such as Simply Accounting, QuickBooks and
ACCPAC along with their modules such as General Ledger, Accounts Receivable,
Accounts Payable and Payroll. The positions available to students with this course
are pay advisors, pay and benefits administrators, payroll officer, payroll clerk, salary
administration officer, etc.
Business Administration Diploma Program – This course will prepare students for
planning, implementing and overseeing administrative procedures, establishing work
schedules and and coordinating the acquisition of services such as office space,
supplies and security. Students with this course are eligible to work in private and
public establishments as administrative officers, administrative services coordinators,
liaison officers, office administrators, records analyst, officer manager, etc.

Banking and Financial Services Diploma Program – This course is for those who are
interested in a career in banking and finance. ABC has a Curriculum Licensing
Agreement with the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) to offer the Canadian
Securities Course (CSC) and with the Investment Fund Institute Canada (IFIC) to
offer the Canadian Investment Funds Course (CIFC). Students with this course can
work as bank tellers, credit union tellers, foreign exchange tellers, financial customer
service representatives, etc.
Administrative Assistant Diploma Program – This course will train students in
processing, recording, recording and verifying forms and documents including
licenses, permits, certificates, contracts and registrations and checking them for their
compliance with guidelines and regulations. They can gain employment in private
and public institutions as administrative clerks, application clerks, authorization
clerks, by-law clerks, documentation clerks, office clerks, administration clerks,
registration clerks, etc.
Medical Office Assistant Diploma Program – Students who want to establish a career
in doctor’s offices, hospitals, medical clinics and other medical institutions can apply
for this course. After getting trained in a variety of administrative and secretarial
duties that are to be performed in such offices, they will be able to work as medical
secretaries, ward secretaries, medical office assistants, etc.
Law Clerk Diploma Program – For whom law is their calling, this is the program for
them. This course will prepare students for preparing legal documents, preparing
records and files and conducting research to assist legal professionals. After doing
this course, students will be able to get employed as commercial law clerks,
corporate paralegals, family law paralegals, independent paralegals, legal assistants,
legal researchers, notary public, etc. by law firms, record companies and in legal
departments of various establishments.
Early Childcare Diploma Program – For those who enjoy working with children, this is
the course for them. This program will train students to provide care and guidance to
preschool children and plan and organize activities for them. After doing this course,
they can work as child-care workers, day-care helpers, early childhood assistants,
early childhood educator assistants, early childhood program assistants, preschool
workers, etc. at child care centres, kindergartens, nursery schools and agencies for
Thus, students have many courses to choose from when they come to ABC for their second
career. All of ABC’s courses are recognised as vocational courses under the Private Career
Colleges Act, 2005.

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