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5 Vocational Courses at ABC College for Students Good with Numbers

July 17,2023

5 Vocational Courses at ABC College for Students Good with Numbers

Was maths your favourite subject in school? Do you still enjoy working with numbers? Would you like to embark on a Second Career that involves doing calculations, maintaining accounts and crunching numbers? Then ABC College in Ontario has courses for you which will help you make your dream come true. Check out these great courses for a Second Career at ABC College –

Property Administrator Diploma Program – This program teaches students about the various aspects of property and real estate management which include several record-keeping and analytical tasks such as maintaining records of operating expenses, preparing income reports, reviewing rents to ensure that they are at market value, calculating costs of repair and maintenance of properties, etc. Students with this course can become Accommodation officers, apartment rental agents, leasing coordinators, housing project managers, property administrators, property rentals managers, etc. and in most of these roles, they will have to know a certain level of math to be able to perform their duties successfully.
Hospitality Management Diploma Program – This diploma program prepares students for getting their foot in the door of the hospitality industry. From understanding the basics of planning events such as conferences, meetings and festivals, to studying communication practices to learning negotiation skills, this course guides students through the various aspects of event planning and organization. The mathematical part comes in when students have to understand budgeting, invoicing and maintaining financial records. Students with this course can develop Second Careers as conference and meeting planners, convention coordinators, event planners, conference services officers, festival organizers, special events organizers, trade show planners, etc.
Computerized Accounting and Canadian Payroll Program – This program is for those who want to embark on Second Careers which are heavily focused on maintaining numerical records and calculations. With this course, students will be able to work as Benefits officers, pay advisors, pay and benefits administrators, payroll clerks, payroll officers, pay and benefits clerks, salary administration officers, etc. and their responsibilities will involve maintaining records of employee attendance, leave and overtime to calculate pay and benefit entitlements, preparing and verifying statements of earnings for employees, indicating gross and net salaries and deductions such as taxes, union dues, garnishments and insurance and pension plans and preparing employee payments and benefit payments.
Banking Financial Services Diploma Program – As the name suggests, this diploma program concerns finances, which means that it will teach students a lot about banking processes that involve calculations. This diploma program prepares students for working in banks as bank tellers, credit union tellers, foreign exchange tellers, financial customer service representatives and financial advisors, and they will learn about processing customer cash deposits and withdrawals, cheques, transfers, bills, credit card payments, money orders, certified cheques, etc., balancing daily transactions using software, obtaining and processing information required for the provision of services, such as opening accounts and savings plans and purchasing bonds, preparing customer statements and other banking processes.
Business Administration Diploma Program – This program focuses on equipping students with knowledge and skills necessary for running a general business. With this diploma program, students can start their Second Careers as administrative officers, administrative services coordinators, liaison officers, office administrators, planning officers, records analysts, office managers, requirements officers, public and private establishments The numerical and calculative part of these jobs will come when students will be required to assist in the preparation of operating budgets, maintain inventory, assemble data, process it and make financial reports, etc.
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