You are currently viewing 4 Vocational Courses at ABC College for Students With Good People Skills

4 Vocational Courses at ABC College for Students With Good People Skills

Are you a people’s person? Do you enjoy being around people, interacting with people and helping them solve their problems? If the answer to these questions is yes, then ABC College has some excellent courses for which can help you embark on a Second Career that involves using people skills for business development and problem-solving. Here is a brief glimpse of these courses –

Property Administrator Diploma Program – This one-year diploma program can help you gain employment in top property and real estate management and development companies as accommodation officer, apartment rental agent, leasing coordinator, housing project manager, property administrator, property rentals manager. While most of these positions include administrative work such as compiling and maintaining records of expenses and income and preparing and administering contracts related to property services, they also include responsibilities involving people skills such as interacting with clients and tenants for answering their queries, guiding them through the various processes of entering into and renewing rental agreements, and solving their problems such as managing tasks of repair and maintenance at the property.
Hospitality Management Diploma Program – Good people skills and a pleasant personality are integral to succeeding at a career in the hospitality industry. ABC’s Hospitality Management Diploma Program aims to equip students with skills and knowledge required for getting employed by tourism associations, trade and professional associations, convention and conference centres, governments and by conference and event planning companies in roles such as conference and meeting planner, convention coordinator, event planner, conference services officer, festival organizer, etc. A large part of these jobs involve meeting the various stakeholders of these events such as clients, vendors, sponsors and organizing committees for planning and organizing events and ABC’s course will familiarise students with communication techniques that they can utilise while interacting with these stakeholders.
Customer Service Diploma Program – There are customer service jobs across all industries as almost every business requires people that can answer enquiries and provide information regarding the business’ goods, services and policies, and provide customer services such as receiving payments and processing requests for services. This course prepares students for such roles. After doing ABC’s Customer Service Diploma Program, students will be able to gain employment as Accounts information clerk, call centre agent – customer service, complaints clerk – customer service, counter enquiries clerk, courtesy desk clerk, customer service clerk, customer service representative – call center, enquiries clerk, information clerk – customer service, order desk agent, public relations clerk, tourist information clerk, etc.
Business Administration Diploma Program – People are the most important part of any business, and this includes all the stakeholders of the business – customers, vendors, investors and employees. This course will educate students on the operations and processes involved in a typical business, thereby enabling them to perform tasks and carry out responsibilities either independently or within groups. Several activities that students with this course might have to perform for the business they are working for may include delegating tasks to others, following up on progress, solving problems, etc.
After gaining experience, students can also set up their own businesses in which they will be required to interact with all the stakeholders of their business themselves.

Want to find out more about these courses from ABC which will help you embark on a Second Career? Check them out here –

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