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$28K Grant from Ontario Government for Second Career Program

July 17,2023

Second Career Program

Gradual job obsolescence, low pay, unhealthy work environment, lack of motivation, lack of
growth opportunities, job loss due to the Coronavirus pandemic – there are several reasons
why you might be considering a career change right now. If that is the case, it is likely that
you need to imbibe new knowledge and gain new skills for your new career.
So, what is keeping you from pursuing this second career? If it is finances, then you can put
your worries to rest and start on your application as the Ontario government has a program
for funding your Second Career.

Access Business College (ABC) in Toronto, Ontario has several courses that can help you
get jobs in high demand industries, and thus embark on the development of a second
career. ABC has the following courses –

Property Administrator Diploma Program
Hospitality Management Diploma Program
Graphic and Web Design Diploma Program
Food and Beverage Diploma Program
Customer Service Diploma Program
Computerized Accounting and Canadian Payroll Diploma Program
Business Administration Diploma Program
Banking and Financial Services Diploma Program
Administrative Assistant Diploma Program
Medical Office Assistant Diploma Program
Law Clerk Diploma Program
Early Childcare Diploma Program
You can select any of these programs as per your interest and aptitude. If you are eligible for
a Second Career, then you apply for financial aid for up to $28000 to cover the cost of
tuition, books, workbooks, transportation, basic living allowance and child care. You are
eligible for this government grant if –

you have been laid off and have not been working
you have been laid off and are doing a temporary job which only covers your costs
You can also apply for this grant even if you are receiving Employment Insurance or have
been receiving it in the past. You have to show the costs of training that need to covered to
avail this grant.

Your application is likely to be fast-tracked if –
(i) You were laid off on or after 1 March, 2020.
(ii) You have high school education or less, and you were laid off from a job that did not
require more than high school education and specific job skills.
(iii) You were laid off from an industry that was severely affected by the pandemic such as
hospitality, retail, aviation, etc.

Therefore, if you are struggling with finances for a second career training at ABC, you can
apply for the Ontario government’s Second Career grant to fund your education. More
details about the grant are available here –
Additionally, financial aid can be obtained with HRSDC funding, Service Canada, Ontario
Works, WSIB program, and more programs. Students can also apply for loans with private
banks to secure funding for their second career programs.
For more information about financial aid, please check this link –

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