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Access Business College Program Prices

ProgramWeeksHoursTuitionBooksOther FeesTotal (Domestic)International Students FeesTotal (International)Effective Date
Administrative Assistant(AA)24600$8,300$995$0.00$9,295+$2,500$9,295N/A
Banking & Financial Services(BFS)39900$9,995$1,900$2,650$14,545+$2,500$17,045N/A
Business Administration(BA)35800$9,995$1,700$0.00$11,695+$2,500$14,195N/A
Computerized Accounting & Canadian Payroll(CACP)37850$9,995$1,700$2,650$14,345+$2,500$16,845N/A
Customer Service20425$5,950$650$0.00$6,600+$2,500$9,100N/A
Early Childcare Assistant38945$8,200$850$75$9,125+$2,500$11,625N/A
Food & Beverage Management32725$9,800$1,700$0.00$11,500+$2,500$14,000N/A
Graphic & Web Design36825$9,995$1,700$0.00$11,695+$2,500$14,195N/A
Hospitality Management36725$9,995$1,800$0.00$11,795+$2,500$14,295N/A
Law Clerk33750$,995$1,200$250$11,445+$2,500$13,945N/A
Medical Office Administrator38950$9,990$1,450$2,500$11,350+$2,500$13,850N/A
Property Administrator32725$9,995$1,700$2,500$11,695+$2,500$14,195N/A


Summary of Refund Policy

  1. Before entering into any training agreement with ABC Access Business College, students may only be required to pay the lesser of $500 or 20% of the fee.
  2. Students may cancel a training agreement and be entitled to a full refund within two days of signing it if they deliver a written notice of cancellation to the college at the address on the agreement.
  3. A full refund will be granted when a training session is cancelled by the College or the student is unable to attend the session due to unannounced changes by the College.
  4. Students must return any materials given them within 10 days to receive full credit for them. These materials must be in the same condition as when they received them.
  5. In order to withdraw from a training program and be eligible for a full or partial refund, students must deliver a written notice of the withdrawal to the college at the address on the agreement. The date of receipt of this notice by the college will determine the student’s eligibility for a full or partial refund.

Note that non-attendance in the training program does not constitute an official withdrawal.

  1. If the student withdraws from the training agreement before the training begins, they are entitled to a refund of all fees less 20% or $500 whichever is less.
  2. If the student withdraws from the contract after the training begins, they are entitled to a refund of fees paid for the program less 20% or $500 whichever is less, less the proportion that the college has earned for the part of the program that has been delivered.

Example: If a student pays $6,000 for a 6-month course and withdraws at the end of the 2nd month, they will receive a refund of ($6,000 – $500 – $2,000 =) $3,500

In addition, ABC Access Business is committed to full compliance with the private career college refund requirements as set out by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities under Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.Fee Refund Policy as Prescribed under s. 25 to 33 of O.Reg. 415/06

The Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 governs ABC Access Business College for the purpose of tuition fee retention. Tuition fees are tax deductible, and tuition receipts will be issued for each taxation year (T2202A).