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Your Second Career and the $28,000 Government Grant

July 17,2023

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If you have been laid off and left jobless, or if you’re pursuing your present job just to cover costs, then you are in need of a Second Career that is stable, helps you make a decent living, and is in the field of your interest.

The good news is that embarking on a second career is possible at any age and at any time if you have the right qualifications and training. The problem is that if you don’t have relevant qualifications and training, then you will have to go back to school. Going back to school entails hefty expenditures on tuition fees, books, accommodation, transportation, etc., and if you don’t have a job or earn very little, then it will very difficult for you to pay these expenses.

There is a government grant to help people who cannot afford to bear the costs of acquiring new training and qualifications for a Second Career. This grant of up to $28,000 is granted for tuition, books, manuals, workbooks or other instructional costs, transportation, basic living allowance (maximum $410 per week) and child care.

You are eligible for applying for a grant if you have been laid off and are presently jobless, or if you have taken up a job only to cover your costs. You are also eligible for the Second Career grant if you are receiving or have been receiving Employment Insurance (EI).

To strengthen your chances of receiving the grant, you have to be able to prove that you are unemployed and in a temporary job but you are looking for work. You have to furnish your job applications and responses from potential employers. You also have to share which skills do you want to train for and where they are taught. Furthermore, you have to do your research in the field you are interested in to ensure that the field has skills in demand for which you are training.

When you make up your mind about applying for a second career, you will work with an employment services agency, where trained professionals will help you decide if this program is suitable for you – and, if it is, they will assist you in completing your application. Alternatively, you can request an appointment with an Employment Ontario counsellor who will help you find an employment services agency and clear any doubts you may have about your Second Career.

In the application for the government grant, you must also provide information about your current personal income, your current household incomes and your current expenses. Additionally, you need to research at least three training institutions that offer the training you need. This list of institutes must include at least one college of applied arts and technology and at least one career college. Furthermore, you must collect information about jobs postings and news of future job opportunities to prove that the skills you want to get and the work you want to do is in demand in the jobs market.

If your application for a Second Career grant is approved, then it will get a lot easier for you to move to a new career as you will have the required funds for paying for your skill development and training. Have you been laid off and do you want to begin a Second Career? Access Business College (ABC) is among the top career colleges in Toronto that offers a wide array of vocational courses for you to choose from. Fill in the application form to check your eligibility for the Second Career government grant and we will get back to you with more information.

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