1. PARTIES: The agreement is entered by the following parties;

    A. ABC Access Business College (hereinafter referred to as The
    College),5 Nipigon Avenue, 2nd Floor,
    Toronto, Ontario M2M 2V7 Canada,

    registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Canada.
    B. Agent name/Agent Title/ Agent Company (hereinafter referred to as
    The Agent)
    Agent Address
    Your Email :

    A. The College registered under the Private Career Colleges Act,
    2005.Canada, wishes to promote the educational services to potential
    student’s resident outside Canada.

    B. Agent name/Agent Title/ Agent Company has extensive marketing
    experience in educational services and will act as a marketing &
    recruiting representative of the college on the terms mentioned below.
    A. The College shall devote major efforts to support the agent in
    recruiting and enrolling students to the courses and programs of The
    College and commits itself to the following obligations:

    1. Provide the agent with the registration and accreditation
    documentation issued by Canadian Educational and
    Immigration Authorities;

    2. Provide the agent with textual, graphic, audio and video
    materials presenting the products and services of the

    3. Issue Certificate of Authorization in favour of the
    plenipotentiary of the agent;

    4. Provide the agent with student recruitment plan, tuition
    fee schedule, curriculum and program information;
    5. Issue appropriate acceptance letter, tuition receipt and
    any other documentation The College is required to
    provide to the student recruited by The Agent to apply for
    a student authorization after the full-amount of tuition and
    registration fee are received by the Agent from the

    6. Assist The Agent to inquire into and expedite the
    processing of student authorizations;

    7. Grant authority to The Agent to recruit students for the
    Business in the …. country….

    8. Fulfil all promises of services and products.

    B. The Agent shall provide whole-hearted student recruitment and visa
    application counselling services to The College and the students who
    are contracted by The Agent to take the courses and programs of The
    College and commits to the following obligations:

    1. Provide the College all the certification and documentation
    which allow The Agent to carry on the Business in the
    Territory in a lawful fashion;

    2. Inform the College promptly of the policies and regulations
    concerning the administration of the affairs of the students
    who wish to study Canada;

    3. In its sole discretion widely publicize and actively promote
    the courses and programs and services of The College to
    prospective students in the Territory;

    4. Assist all the prospective students to complete the
    application forms and prepare the financial sponsorship or
    guarantee certificates and any other documentation
    required by the student for the visa application;

    5. Remit to The College within 10 working days the
    registration fee collected from each student when the
    student has completed the application form for either the
    high school or pre-university preparation or diploma
    programs offered by The College.

    6. Remit to the College within 10 working days tuition or
    tuition deposit collected from the student;

    7. Provide for each student acceptance letter, tuition fee
    receipt and any other documentation issued by The
    College in support of the student visa application
    (“Student Visa Documentation”);

    8. Inform the College promptly of the status of the student
    visa application;

    9. Conduct the Business in accordance with the terms
    Setout by this Agreement and the Certificate of

    10. In cases where the visa application has been declined by
    Immigration Canada refund all the tuition fees except the
    non-refundable portion no later than one month
    commencing from the date when the Agent has been
    notified that the case has been denied and forthwith
    provide photocopies of the rejection letter along with an
    application for refund completed by the student to The

    11. Confidentiality

    i. The Agent shall keep strictly confidential at all times
    except as permitted in clause 11.iii) (not disclose to
    any third party) any information relating to the
    Educational Services or to the affairs and business of
    the College.

    ii. The agent shall not disclose information about
    applicants or students to any third party for any

    iii. The Agent may disclose the confidential information:
    a) to its employees, officers, representatives, and
    advisors, which need to know such information for
    the purposes of carrying out the party’s obligations
    under this agreement. The Agent shall ensure that
    its employees, officers, representatives, and
    advisors comply with this clause 11.

    b) as may be required by law, a court of competent
    jurisdiction or any governmental or regulatory
    authority. The College should be notified
    immediately of any such requirement.


    Either party can terminate this agreement at any time by providing 8 weeks
    written notice.

    The College can terminate this agreement at any time with immediate effect in
    the event the Agent breaches any of the conditions of this agreement.
    The College can terminate this agreement should the Agent fail to refer any
    students within the previous calendar year, by providing 4 weeks written

    When this agreement is terminated, the Agent must:

    A. - Immediately cease promoting and advertising programs and services
    offered by the college

    B. - Return all materials provided to them by The College in the course of
    effecting this agreement

    C. - Submit all prospective student applications received up to the date of


    In consideration of the duties undertaken by the Agent, and subject to other
    provisions of this clause, the College shall subject to the Agent performing its
    obligations under this Agreement, pay the Agent a commission of XX% of the
    Net Tuition Fees received by the College in respect of each Enrolled Student
    in the first year of their attendance at the College. A net tuition fee means the
    fee paid by the student to the College after any prompt payment discounts,
    which may include scholarship and related payments (such as Alumni
    discounts and early payment discounts).
    Commission payments (described above) shall be payable within 30 days of
    the receipt of invoice subject to the student having completed the enrolment
    process (50% or more of the program has been completed) and having paid
    the tuition fees in full.

    Commission will only be payable to the Agent in respect of students recruited
    to courses delivered by the College, who are paying the international rate of

    All sums payable under this Agreement are inclusive of any value added tax
    or other applicable tax and duties.


    Each party to this agreement will be responsible for the negligent acts or
    omissions of its own employees, officers, or agents in the performance of this
    Agreement. Neither party will be considered the agent of the other, nor does
    either party assume any responsibility to the other party for the consequences
    of any act or omission of any person, firm, or corporation not a party to this


    This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and all
    terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties, including those which may
    be modified by this Agreement, and supersedes all previous written or oral
    agreements regarding the subject of this agreement. No other understanding,
    oral, written or otherwise regarding the subject matter of this agreement shall
    be deemed to exist or bind any of the parties hereto. Any modification or
    waiver of the terms of the Agreement must be in writing and signed by both
    Signed for and on Behalf of ABC Access Business College

    Signed for and on behalf of the Agent