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Hospitality Management Diploma Program

ABC Access Business College has helped many graduates transform their lives into long-term employable skills. Government funded training available. The grant could be up to $28,000. If applicable child daycare up to $1,000 per child. Maximum $2,000 per month.

*This Diploma program is approved as vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Conference and event planners plan, organize and co-ordinate conferences, conventions, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, trade shows, festivals and other events.

They are employed by tourism associations, trade and professional associations, convention and conference centres, governments and by conference and event planning companies.

Career opportunities

conference and meeting planner, conference planner, convention co-ordinator, event planner, conference services officer, festival organizer, meeting planner, special events organizer, trade show planner

Main responsibilities

Conference and event planners perform some or all of the following duties:

Meet with trade and professional associations and other groups to promote and discuss conference, convention and trade show services.
Meet with sponsors and organizing committees to plan scope and format of events, to establish and monitor budgets and to review administrative procedures and progress of events.
Co-ordinate services for events, such as accommodation and transportation for participants, conference and other facilities, catering, signage, displays, translation, special needs requirements, audio-visual equipment, printing and security.
Organize registration of participants, prepare programs and promotional material, and publicize events.
Plan entertainment and social gatherings for participants.
Hire, train and supervise support staff required for events.
Ensure compliance with required by-laws.
Negotiate contracts for services, approve suppliers’ invoices, maintain financial records, review final billing submitted to clients for events and prepare reports.

Employment requirements

A university degree or college diploma in business, tourism or hospitality administration is usually required.
Several years of experience in hospitality or tourism administration or in public relations are usually required and may substitute for formal education requirements.
Certification relating to special events, meetings or conference management may be required.
Hotel front desk clerks make room reservations, provide information and services to guests and receive payment for services. They are employed by hotels, motels and resorts.


Career opportunities

Front desk clerk, hotel, front office clerk, hotel, guest service agent, guest service representative, hotel front desk clerk, night clerk, reservations clerk – hotel, room clerk.


Main responsibilities

Hotel front desk clerks perform some or all of the following duties:

Maintain an inventory of vacancies, reservations and room assignments.
Register arriving guests and assign rooms.
Answer enquiries regarding hotel services and registration by letter, by telephone and in person, provide information about services available in the community and respond to guests’ complaints.
Compile and check daily record sheets, guest accounts, receipts and vouchers using computerized or manual systems.
Present statements of charges to departing guests and receive payment.

Employment requirements

Completion of secondary school or equivalent is usually required.
Completion of a two-year apprenticeship program, or a college program in front desk operations or hotel management may be required.
Guest service trade certification is available, but voluntary, in all provinces and the Yukon from the Tourism Education Council.

Additional information

Progression to senior positions such as accommodations manager is possible with additional training and experience.

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