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All You Need to Know About ABC’s Food and Beverage Diploma Program

July 17,2023

ABC's Food and Beverage Diploma Program

Preparing for a Second Career in the Thriving Industry

The Food and Beverage industry, which has taken a major hit owing to the coronavirus pandemic, is gradually recovering now as active cases decrease and more and more people get vaccinated. The industry had to lay off many workers due to lockdown, but now, jobs are once again growing in this industry that is trying to adapt to the sudden surge in demand.

To prepare people for jobs in this industry, ABC has the Food and Diploma program which familarises students with the workings of the industry and equips them with skills required for the jobs in the food and beverage sector. The Diploma program is approved as a vocational program under the Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Students learn about the following things when they enrol into ABC’s food and beverage diploma program –

1. Greeting guests, presenting and explaining menus, making recommendations and answering questions regarding food and beverages.
2. Taking orders and communicating to the kitchen and bar staff.
3. Recommending drinks that will complement the food ordered by guests.
4. Serving food and beverages.
5. Preparing and serving specialty items at guests’ tables.
6. Presenting bill to guests after they have finished their meal and processing their payment.
7. Supervising, coordinating and scheduling the activities of staff who prepare, portion and serve food.
8. Estimating and ordering ingredients required for preparation of food.
9. Relaying customizations of dishes requested by guests to the kitchen staff.
10. Establishing methods to improve efficiency of operations.
11. Maintaining records of stock, repairs, sales and wastage.
12. Training staff in job duties, covid protocols and other safety procedures.
13. Ensuring compliance with quality standards in food and beverage preparation, presentation and service.
14. Planning menu and computing related food and labour costs.
15. Preparing meals or dishes on the menu that meet all quality checks.

Students with ABC’s food and beverage diploma program are likely to gain employment as cooks, restaurant supervisors, waiters and servers at restaurants, hotels, bars, taverns, private clubs, banquet halls and similar establishments.

Interested in ABC’s Hospitality Management Diploma Program as a Second Career option? You can get a government grant of upto $28,000 to help you financially while you study. To apply to this program or know more about it, send us a message on or call us on +1416-510-2739, or write to us at To find out about other programs offered by ABC, click here –

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