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All You Need to Know About ABC College’s Property Administrator Program

July 17,2023

Property Administrator Diploma

Canada has earned the reputation of being one of the most livable countries of the world owing to factors such as high per capita income, political stability, healthy job markets, public infrastructure and safety, gender equality, human rights and religious freedom. This attracts immigrants from all over the world to Canada. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reported that in 2019, over 6,42,480 international students arrived in Canada for short-term and long-term educational purposes. In the same year, Canada also welcomed 341,000 permanent residents. 

For the property market of Canada, this translates into a healthy yearly growth accompanied by growth in job opportunities in this market, as more and more people seek houses to live in and spaces to set up new businesses. ABC College’s Property Administrator Diploma Program helps students wishing to work in the property market a good fit for these job opportunities. This program  is approved as vocational programs under the Career Colleges Act, 2005.

In this program, students are taught about administrative duties and activities related to the management and rental of investment property and real estate that they would be required to perform on behalf of property owners.

These duties and activities will include –

    1. Understanding the needs of property owners and tenants and helping property owners find suitable tenants for their properties and vice-versa.
    2. Advising property owners on the rental or lease of various properties in a portfolio.
    3. Ensuring that the rental or lease amount is paid in a timely manner and terms of lease agreement are met by tenants. 
    4. Preparing and administering contracts for provision of property services, such as cleaning and maintenance, security services and alarm systems.
    5. Coordinating the implementing repairs, maintenance and renovations on the properties of their clients and monitoring the progress and cost of work for them.
    6. Maintaining records on operating expenses and income, preparing reports and reviewing rents to ensure they are at market value.
    7. Ensuring that trouble calls received from clients or tenants are acted upon and their issues are resolved satisfactorily.
    8. Administering and managing damage deposits.
    9. Hiring and supervising rental agents, property clerks, building superintendents or other support staff performing operational, clerical or maintenance duties.

Students that have a property administrator diploma are likely to be hired as Accommodation Officers, Apartment Rental Agents, Leasing Coordinators, Housing Project Managers, Property Administrators and Property Rentals Managers by real estate management companies, property development companies, housing boards and government. Thus, ABC’s Property Administrator Diploma Program is a safe choice for embarking on a second career.

Interested in ABC’s Property Administrator Diploma Program as a Second Career option? You can get a government grant of upto $28,000 to help you financially while you study. To apply to this program or know more about it, send us a message on or call us on +1416-510-2739, or write to us at To find out about other programs offered by ABC, click here –

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