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All You Need to Know About ABC College’s Hospitality Management Diploma Program

July 17,2023

Hospitality Management Diploma

Like many other sectors, 2020 was an unfruitful year for the event management industry as well, but in 2021, it is making a strong comeback. As coronavirus cases drop and more and more people get vaccinated, they are engaging in “revenge travelling” which refers to going on a vacation after an extended period of lockdown and participating in events such as conferences, seminars, festivals and concerts all over the world. This had sparked growth in the hospitality and event management industry which was struggling to even survive last year. 

For those wishing to make a Second Career in the hospitality and event management industry, ABC has the perfect course – Hospitality Management Diploma Program. The diploma is recognized as a vocational program under the Career Colleges Act, 2005. 

The program prepares students for organizing events such as conferences, conventions, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, trade shows and festivals.

Here are some of the things that students learn about when they do the course –

    1. Meeting with sponsors and organizing committees to plan scope and format of events.
    2. Establishing and monitoring budgets.
    3. Review administrative procedures and progress of events.
    4. Organizing and managing services for events, such as accommodation and transportation for participants, seating arrangements, lighting, audio-visual equipment, security, catering, signage, displays, translation and special needs requirements.
    5. Managing registration of participants.
    6. Planning and preparing marketing campaigns and promotional materials for publicizing events.
    7. Planning entertainment for participants.
    8. Hiring, training and supervising support staff required for events.
    9. Ensure compliance with applicable by-laws.
    10. Negotiating contracts for services, approving suppliers’ invoices, maintaining financial records and coordinating the payments of all service providers.
    11. Preparing reports.

Students that have a Hospitality Management Diploma are likely to be hired as conference and meeting planners, convention coordinators, event planners, conference services officers, festival organizers, special events organizers and trade show planners by tourism associations, trade and professional associations, convention and conference centres, governments, conference and event planning companies.

Interested in ABC’s Hospitality Management Diploma Program as a Second Career option? You can get a government grant of upto $28,000 to help you financially while you study. To apply to this program or know more about it, send us a message on or call us on +1416-510-2739, or write to us at To find out about other programs offered by ABC, click here –

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