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3 Vocational Courses at ABC College for Students with Artistic Skills

John doe
July 17,2023

Creative Second Career Courses at ABC College

Do you have a flair for art and creativity? Do you enjoy engaging yourself in artistic activities such as cooking, dancing, painting, writing, creating music, etc. and wish to make a career out of your passion? Then, ABC College is there to help you begin an exciting Second Career in the creative field of your choice.

ABC has courses that will hone your creative skills, and it also has courses that will help you understand how to turn your creative skills into a Second Career. Check out these courses here –

Graphic and Web Design Program – ABC’s graphic and web designing program hones students’ skills in graphic and web designing by instructing them on using industry standard applications including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Dreamweaver. Students who understand visual communication and can use their skills to convey the message of their clients to their audience in an aesthetically pleasing manner can opt for this course. After doing this course, students can apply for the roles of Advertising designer, animator – animated films, cartoonist, commercial artist, cyber graphic designer, graphic artist, graphic designer, graphic designer – multimedia, interactive or new media, medical illustrator, graphic designer – multimedia, multimedia illustrator, illustrator, layout designer, scientific illustrator and more, depending upon their skills, aesthetic sense, knowledge and proficiency in using graphic and web designing applications.
Food and Beverage Diploma Program – This diploma program is for those who want to embark on a Second Career in the food and beverages industry. With this diploma program, students will become eligible to gain employment as Banquet servers, captain waiters/waitresses, chief wine stewards, food and beverage servers, cocktail waiters/waitresses and formal service waiters/waitresses in restaurants, hotels, bars, taverns, private clubs, banquet halls and similar establishments. While working in these roles, they can learn the ins and outs of the various aspects of the food and beverages business, and thus, this can be a stepping stone in their journey towards opening their own food and beverages business into which they can channelise their creativity to make it a success.

Business Administration Diploma Program – While this course does not have a direct connection with art and creativity, it is a course that aspiring artists could do to learn about business and monetize their art. This course teaches students about the various aspects of business, from administrative tasks to team building to delivery of goods and services to maintaining accounts. Students who do this course can go on to working in administrative positions in offices, and while working in such spaces, gain first hand experience of the various aspects of business. Thus, this course will help students when they wish to become self-employed and make their passion a successful Second Career.
Want to find out more about these courses from ABC which will help you embark on a Second Career? Check them out here –

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